Top Retail POS Systems to Pick in 2019

nextar pos for mac

A POS system is a software used by retailers and includes a cash register (consisting of a receipt printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner and customer display), and a card reader (debit/credit).  Every POS software is unique and different for every industry. POS software provide you with efficient and retail-specific features that help you in various functions, for example, tracking inventory digitally and having access to your store’s back office from any location.

Retail POS system have made business efficient and easy, therefore, this article will discuss the top retail POS systems a retailer can pick in 2019.

  1. Lightspeed Retail

This software is a hybrid system, launched back in 2005. It caters more than 50,000 businesses globally, and is known be the provider of some of the best features including: enabling you to create store credit, multi-tender options, purchase ordering, managing inventory, CRM, employee management, multi-store capacity and more. It is Omni-channel and serves any kind of business, whether large or small. It has a range of price packages, starting from the Small Plan (for which you have to pay $99 per month), to the Large Plan (for which you need to pay $289 per month). It is overall an amazing POS system for any business.

  1. Shopify

This POS software provides its services to more than 150,000 businesses worldwide and was launched in 2013. Shopify is a hybrid system which serves small to medium businesses and can be linked to ecommerce and accounting. It offers features such as CRM, detailed reporting, inventory management, order histories, gift cards, barcode, split payments and more. The basic plan starts from $29 per month, and the Advanced Plan costs $299 per month.

  1. Square

Square is another cloud-based POS system that is popular for its simplicity and convenience. It is Android and iOS compatible and serves businesses that are small to mid-sized. Square also offers some amazing features, such as, custom discounts, employee management, custom printing and barcode, purchase order creation and more. Furthermore, you can also create a free online store on Square. If we look at the price, you need to pay $60 per month. Furthermore, it also features inventory tracking and efficient customer management, through its loyalty programs, enabling you to make edits in your customer base easily.

Therefore, the above mentioned POS system are all efficient and simple to use.