Top Retail POS Systems Of 2019

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Wondering what makes a point-of-sales software the best among all?

Apart from being affordable and offering easiest interface, the best point-of-sales systems should do beyond processing sales and accepting payments. They should bring efficiency to your online venture. Not only it should allow retailers to analyze their sales data, but should also manage inventory, employees and customers.

In addition, integrations for email marketing, and loyalty programs, makes easier to scale your business. The best POS systems also provide a reliable customer support to retailers. While, there are dozens of POS systems, some of which are cloud-based which you can access from anywhere anytime.

Here are some of the best picks of 2019.

Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment

If you want a low-cost retail Pos system, then GoPayment is for you. You can get this app for free through your smartphone. This Intuit product is able to process keyed-in transactions for your retail business, even without a credit card reader. Once you register for GoPayment, it will give you access to a free card reader which makes it desirable option for budget-constraint business owners. However, remember that besides offering free card reader, this retail Pos System will charge you a certain payment processing fee for keyed-in transactions.


Shopify provides two major services, one is ecommerce online store, other one is retail-centric POS system. The Shopify POS is one of the best retail Pos systems on market. It offers Stellar features and customer support options all combined into an interface which is easy to learn and won’t pressurize retailers to get trained. This point-of-sales software subscription comes in form of three levels – Basic, Shopify and advanced Shopify. Retailers are obliged to pay monthly fees together with set percentage from each transaction.

Clover Flex

This retail Pos system is a package of features which allows you to process magstripe, chip, and contactless payments. Also, it is equipped with a scanner that enables you to scan barcodes, which in turn, streamline your inventory tracking process. Plus, it is capable to provide you the physical copy of sale receipt. The interesting fact that it doesn’t rely on a smart device to be solely functional is its notable upside. However, the downside of this retail system is its high cost.


Be certain to weigh all pros and cons of the best retail Pos systems. Pick the one that seems important to your business.